Som’s Haven in Bangkok

Som’s Haven is another blowjob bar in Bangkok. It is owned by Som who was well known years ago as a worker at Lolita’s. Som’s doesn’t look much like most other BJ bars in Bangkok. The bar is really casual and the women wear whatever they want instead of an imposed uniform. Probably Som was able to make her staff comfortable since she knows what their work is like.

Som’s Haven is located on Sukhumvit Soi 14. It is next to a restaurant that is very popular with locals and foreigners alike. The restaurant customers dine in the street but seem to have no knowledge of Som’s or at least no interest in the people who go there. The place has a real following.

Som’s has a sign but it isn’t so clearly marked. People go there because they know it. There are usually a dozen or more women working and whoever isn’t busy sits outside.

Inside there is a small lounge area with some booths and a tiny counter where bills are settled. Service takes place upstairs in a series of private rooms with walls and doors. Each room also has a sink. The walls only do so much and sounds carry throughout the upper floors.

Regular service is 700 Baht. Full service when available usually costs more. Drink prices are totally reasonable for the area. Som’s open every day from noon to 1 AM.


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